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I get a pension from the USA which has nothing to do with any

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I get a pension from the USA which has nothing to do with any governments;it comes from TIAA,a pension scheme for teachers.No tax is deducted abroad. Do I pay tax on the whole amount or on 90% of it?
Secondly I contribute widely to a variety of charities but have no receipts,only bank records.
Can I claim tax relief on these?
Hello, I am Keith, one of the experts on Just Answer, and pleased to be able to help you with your question. Firstly contributions to charities do not attract, in themselves, tax relief. If you contribute through Gift Aid or Payroll Giving you do get a deduction, but it is notional. Say you give ten quid to a charity, you pay out the full whack and receive a notional tax relief of 2 pounds, but the charity claims that back and you are left will the equivalent of a lemon; you do get tax relief, but the charity claims it! You declare such donations on your annual self assessment tax return in the Gift Aid box. I do hope my reply has been of assistance. You only pay tax on 90% of your TIAA pension. See here for the full monte on overseas receipts: As you are not being taxed in the States then the Double Taxation Treaty between the UK and the USA (and indeed some individual States in the Union also) does not come into play. This Treaty precludes you being taxed in both jurisdictions on the same income stream although it does not protect you from differences in rates of taxation, but, as I said, it is irrelevant in your case.
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