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I have been living outside UK time, mostly in Asia,

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I have been living outside UK for some time, mostly in Asia, but have maintained my UK bank accounts and my income has been wholly generated from UK. Up until 2010 I was operating through an offshore numbered account and was paying withholding tax on the income even though it was below what would have been my UK allowance. I moved back onshore in 2010, since which time I have not been filing a UK tax return as I am rarely in the country, however I now plan to return to UK, I do not believe that I have exceeded either my income or CGT allowances for this period but am unsure how to proceed. Should I contact the IRS or simply commence filing a return for the relevant year of my return ?
HelloYou may need to register for Self Assessment, if you start working for yourself or have other income or gains from the UK or abroad.You don’t need to register if you’re an employee and don’t have other income to report.You will be classed as a resident again now that you are returning. You mentioned one item that is confusing. You stated "Should I contact the IRS". Your question up to that point was only UK issues. The IRS is the United States Tax Agency. If this was just a typo let me know (you meant HMRC) but if you have US issues please advise.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Indeed I meant HMRC, my concern is that I have not been declaring my income anywhere else and does the fact that it was generated in the UK (although it would have been below my UK allowances) mean that I should have been ? Or will I effectively be starting with a 'clean sheet' upon my return ?

If you were required to file and did not then you need to complete those filings. You usually have to pay tax on your UK income even if you’re not a UK resident. Income includes things like:pensionrental incomesavings interestwagesYou said you had the tax withheld on the savings. If that was the only UK income then you would be OK and would start a new now.
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