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I retired on 30/06/2015. At the time, as well as my salary,

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I retired on 30/06/2015. At the time, as well as my salary, I was getting the state pension, a company pension from my current employer and a pension as a dependent from my late husband's company pension; obviously I was being taxed on these pensions.
However, I am still being taxed the same amount now as I was then, even though I'm not earning a salary; is this correct?
Thank you for your assistance.
Hi.Each pension will have its own tax code issued by HMRC. I could go though your pensions and suggest what the tax codes should be if you give me the pre-tax figures but the quicker way to get things straight would be to call HMRC on the number here and have them look at all your PAYE income sources and make adjustments where necessary. As you have stopped receiving a salary, it may be necessary to have some or all of the tax codes changed depending where your personal allowances are curently being used. The default position is to give allowances against pension income as a pension will normally be [paid to a taxpayer for the rest of their life but if you had any allowances used against your salary, then they may need to be redistributed. HMRC should make any amendments while you are on the phone to them.I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you, I'll give HMRC a ring; I was hoping to avoid that but if I make a coffee and a sandwich for the long wait I should be ok. :-)
The best time to call HMRC is 8am Monday to Saturday inclusive. You will wait over a month for a reply to a letter.
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