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As a US citizen residing in Uk I have had only foreign pensions

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As a US citizen residing in Uk I have had only foreign pensions (paid into US bank and
left there), did not realize I should have been filing UK self-assessment forms and paying
UK (in addition to US) taxes on this income. What should I do now
HelloAs a general rule, the pension/annuity articles of most tax treaties allow the country of residence (as determined by the residency article) to tax the pension or annuity under its domestic laws. This is true unless a treaty provision specifically amends that treatment.You certainly need to file the UK forms.There are special rules for pensions form a foreign source. You’ll usually only pay tax on 90% of your foreign pension payments (10% is exempt from tax).There is going to be relief from Double Taxation. In the tax treaty between the 2 countries does have relief under Article 17.The country of residence is the country that applies the credit against taxes paid to the other country. In summary you certainly need to file in the UK but I suggest you look to professional assistance this first time.
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