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I have just recieved a p800t telling me i only earned 4404

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I have just recieved a p800t telling me i only earned 4404 pounds year ending april 2015 and i am due a refund of 303.40 in tax overpaid but my p60 says i earned 15328.16 and paid tax of 1102.20 .which is correct have my employers been dishonest?
Hello, I am Keith, one of the experts on Just Answer, and pleased to be able to assist you with your question. I could not possibly comment on such discrepancies! I assume that as you have a P60 from your employers that you were paid under PAYE arrangements. As the end of the year process which produces the P60 mirrors the data to HMRC then the P800 from them should correspond with the P60. However, if there are other matters which you included in your self assessment tax return for the same tax year then the P800 would reflect thee in addition to the straight PAYE data. I refer to the possibility of some business losses being declared in your tax return which would have an effect on the position. You presumably know if the P60 information is correct. If so then you must check the P800 for accuracy. It will show the full breakdown of your tax position. If, by any chance, the P800 shows discrepancies then you should appeal against it. This is simply done by writing a letter to the tax office which issued it explaining the true position and requesting an amendment. This sort of thing happens more frequently than you might think and a letter usually resolves the matter. If you receiive a refund of tax then just put it to one side so to speak as HMRC might want it back when all the chips are down! I do hope that my reply has been of use to you and shed some light on your possible position.
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