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My Daughter has been travelling around Asia last 4

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My Daughter has been travelling around Asia for the last 4 years, taking the occasional job while she moves around. Over the past year she has been building up a website and blog giving advice for people who want to explore the world. She has had requests from newspapers in the UK to buy her photographs and she will be soon working with another company on travel planning for travelers. She has asked me if I have any idea how she should go about declaring tax on her income? she has no idea whatsoever where to start and nor do I. She is currently living in Taiwan. Also like many her age she is repaying a student loan from University.
Hello, I am Keith, one of the experts on Just Answer, and happy to help you with your question.
She should complete and submit a Form P85 to HMRC. Fortunately there is no time limit to its Submission, it is available on the web and can be filed on line. On receipt HMRC will class her as non resident for the tax year following her date of departure and furthermore sülit the leaving year into two portions, one resident and one non resident.
Once non resident, providing she does not spend more than 91 days in the UK in any one tax year, she would retain her non resident Status. In theory this 91 days can be averaged out over 4 years, but the general Consensus amongst experts on this site is never to exceed the magic 91 days.
If she is non resident she has no liability to UK taxation.
I do hope my reply has been of assistance. From the tenor of your question your daughter would appear to have no liability to UK Taxation at this stage
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you Keith, will she be liable for tax abroad, as I said she is in Taiwan at the moment but will be travelling around to other countries in Asia.I understand what you say concerning tax liability in the UK.
She might, it all depends upon the country involved and her taxation position in each jurisdiction. Surprisingly enough the time limits for residence tend to correspond with the UK's.
Here is the general advice from the Government of Tiawan on this subject (note the similiarity, the 183 days rule is exactly the same in the UK):
'Both residents and non-residents are assessed individual income tax on Taiwan-sourced income unless an exception is provided in the Income Tax Act and related laws. Individuals are considered residents of Taiwan for tax purposes if they are either domiciled there, or spend more than 183 days or longer in a taxable year.'
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Thank you for your Support.

Tell her to get that P85 in as soon as she can.