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I presently live abroad but I may return to the UK shortly

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I presently live abroad but I may return to the UK shortly depending on my tax liabilities.
My global pension incomes are GBP 53,000 on which I understand I am entitled to a GBP 10,600 personal allowance. Other than that, my 52 year old Colombian wife is 100% dependent on me as is her mother (age 80). Would I be eligible for any additional deductions in respect of their dependence? My wife will live with me in the UK, but my mother -in law will remain in Colombia and I shall send her a monthly living allowance by bank transfer of about GBP 600 pm.
Many thanks.

I'm afraid that there are no allowances for dependents, your wife and her mother in your case, in the UK tax system. You can have 10% of your wife's personal allowance transferred to you if she doesn't use it but that's about it.

I hope this clarifies your position but let me know if you have any further questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


Thanks for the reply, disappointing though it was.

Just to be absolutely sure, can you double check?

Whilst I was a resident in France such "assistance" was allowed for 1st degree relatives if they were in absolute need. In this case, my mother in law has ZERO income, or aid and would starve on the streets if I did not help. Surely, the UK does not turn its back to this degree?

Here are the personal allowances for 2015/16. I've been working in tax for 36 years. There were more allowances when I started but they have gradually been taken away.

We do have a social security payment called carer's allowance in the UK but your wife won't be eligible I'm afraid.
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