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General question I been trying to understand the page 'Tax

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General question
I been trying to understand the page 'Tax if you leave the UK to live abroad' on
“You can’t use HMRC’s online services to tell them you’re leaving the UK. Instead, you need to: ***** ***** tax return by post “
Does this imply that if one have been UK tax resident year 2014 – 2015 (no split year treatment but left UK during tax year) and is not UK tax resident for 2015 -2016, one can not submit an online self assessment for 2014 - 2015? Or does it mean that one can not submit an online self assessment for 2015 – 2016?
Hi. As of now, if you are non-UK resident and you wish to complete the SA109 residence, remittance pages to go with the core SA100 tax return, it cannot be done on the HMRC website so you would need to complete a paper version and post it to HMRC or buy a commercial software which will allow you to complete and submit the return online with the SA109 pages. If you leave the UK during the 2014/15 tax year, you should strictly complete the SA109 page for 2014/15 but many people don't simply because of the problem you have identified. I do them for my clients for the year of departure as a matter of course but its never been a major issue for anybody that I know who hasn't completed the SA109 pages. I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Would you mind shedding some more light on the 'not a major issue', if you can. Like.... HMRC may ask for a paper self assessment and that is typically it? Or they usually don't take notice and treat a person as not having left? Thanks!

(In my case, do not see much point with the SA109 other than that it is standard practice. I have considered SRT & RDR3 & SA109, and accordingly I am considering my self as a resident for tax purposes throughout the tax year and without split year treatment. And I would have no DTA relief claim to make; I had no income nor chargeable capital gains from neither country nor was I working remaining part of the tax year. I do think I have double residency (Ref SA100 box 8) for 2015 Q1 based on registered as new resident and a new home. )

I'll look at this and get back to you.
You would only need to be completing UK tax returns if you have UK income such as rental income or foreign income you won't want to have to suffer UK tax in a split year. If you are in the SA system for the year you leave the UK, you wouldn't necessarily need to complete the SA109 pages. See the first paragraph of the SA109 notes on page RRN1 here. I would tell HMRC in that return that I had left the UK if I had done so by the date I submitted the return by putting a bote in the white space.

As you say, it is academic in your case as you had no foreign income after you left the UK in the tax year that you left so there is no point in completing SA109.