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Sam, Accountant
Category: Tax
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SAM I am now a member! (i promise i wont send you a barge

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Hi SAM I am now a member! (i promise i wont send you a barge of question! i am no longer in a panic!) my question is around the registering for self assessment the form is called cwo1 or something - do i need to fill this out? is it a problem if i send
my paper returns by the 31st and have only just filled out the form to register? it says you must fill the form by the 5th of October. with many thanks Lucy
Hi Lucy
Thanks for your question you can either fill in the cwf1 form or register online
Link here for the form (which you then print out and send to HMRC
Link here to register online
But the 10 digit reference number (unique taxpayer reference) may not come through in time for the deadline of 31st Oct even if you use the speedier route of registering online.
Thats why they advise no later tan 5th Oct so there would have been good time to process your registration and issue the 10 digit number out AND to get your return in on time
So my advise is that you also send in the paper tax return (and relevant pages) into HMRC as soon as possible without the 10 digit reference number - so the tax return is NOT late.
Then once your 10 digit number has been allocated HMRc will "marry" this up with the tax return.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
many thanks that's what i thought! i will fill it out on line today.ok second question which relates to that is i found some computer software packages recommended by the gov website that you can purchase which means you can fill out ALL your forms on line by the deadline of end of Jan 2016 - this includes the residence and remittance form that otherwise you can only send as a paper version by the 31st of OctoberFirstly am i correct that using these softwares allows me to do this and do you think it would be better for me to register for my self assessment on line and then submit the rest of my tax forms by the jan deadline on-line using this computer software? will my UTR be sent to me on line? as i will not be back in the UK now till the next tax year OR will it be just as easy to submit minus the UTR via paper form by the October deadline? basically i am trying to avoid problems that will result in them contacting me when i am away and me not knowing this until it is too . however i am pretty geared up now to just submit them as paper forms and get them out the waymany thanks for your help!
Thanks for your response
As this is now a new question - you will have to list it as such as although you have signed up for membership - we experts then get credit for the fact its a new question
So just accept/rate this one and then ask a new question on a new thread
Again just ask for me and if you would prefer to wait for me to answer, then just advise any other expert that answers that this is what you would prefer
Sam and other Tax Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
ah ok many thanks Sam ill do that!