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Question sam ok so the question is about the

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question for sam Hi sam ok so the question is about the computer software that is recommended by the gov website which once i purchase seems to allow me to fill out all the forms on line (including the residence one) thus allowing me to submit on line
by Jan 2016 - i have contacted one direct ABC i think they are called and they do seem to confirm this. first question is this the case or is there a catch? However i am now geared up to get the paper forms sent in before the October deadline so my second
question is assuming that i can fill the forms out on line with this software would this be a better option bearing in mind that i will have to submit the paper forms without a UTR or does it not make any difference? I do not plan to be back in the uk again
until the next tax year so will not receive any post till then so i am a bit concerned i will miss something from them if i submit the paper forms however it would be nice to just get them done before i leave the country if i need to separate that into 2 separate
questions again please let me know! many thanks!
Thanks for your question and asking for me
No there is no catch with the HMRC endorsed software just be mindful that it can be costly and you will need to renew it each year (or update it) when the next tax years forms are made -
And each of the endorsed software tell you what you can and cant file - (so not all allow the residence forms to be filed online) but many do, which as you say, then gives you until 31st Jan 2016 to file the 2014 return, but if you are ready to send them in as paper returns then I would do this WITHOUT the UTR but you must provide HMRC with some sort of address for any queries they have with the 2015 return (which they could have whether you compete the paper or online returns and for them to issue your statements and any payment slips, and reminders for any 2016 and other future year returns
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