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Sam, Accountant
Category: Tax
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Sam i hate to do this however i am a little confused i have

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Sam i hate to do this however i am a little confused i have received Advice from this site that it is not necessary to fill out a sa105 form or the residence and remittance sa109 as i have submitted the p85 and i will not be liable for UK for my self employment
as a non resident. i have elected to fill out the self employment one anyway as my earning for that year were only £1000 and that coupled with my rental profit of £5000 is way below the threshold so it won't do any harm and i would rather over declare than
under however the other form SA109 is a bit ghastly to say the least and is the one form that is very hard to work out so if i can avoid it that would be great - is it strictly necessary to submit? i did ask a couple of times and told it was unnecessary and
would unduly complicate matters. i have also added a covering letter explain i have submitted a p85 and that i live out the country have no ties and have not been back for more than 83 days in this tax year sorry to do this i wasn't seeking advice from another
person it just so happened another tax advisor responded to a general question i put up where i stated which forms i was filling out and queried why i was filling them out which let to that advice so i am now a little confused! with best wishes Lucy
Thanks for your question and asking for me
The SA103 advises HMRC that you are self employed and paid FROM the UK
The SA105 allows you to declare the rental income which arises in the UK and the SA109 ensures
1) That HMRC can see you are to be treated as not resident as the P85 only advised them what you intend to do, rather than what you have done (so that is filled out each year and
2) That all your self employment takes place abroad
3) Allows you to claim your personal allowances to offset against the rental income
I worked for HMRC for many years and then set up my own accountancy practice which is going from strength to strength and IF there was not a need to complete these forms I would advise, I think you need to go back and ask the other expert for evidence of where it states you do not need to fill in these forms as I think they might be offering a personal rather than professional opinion, which sadly will not satisfy HMRC and their legal requirements
Do feel free to ask any follow up questions on my response
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
ok brilliant thanks sam that's very clear! i wasn't questioning your expertise! just was a bit confused by the conflicting infothe only questions that will follow now will be around the sa109 itself it is a little complicated! i will use the notes and ask you for clarificationthe first questions are re my circumstances re Egypt - i live there under a tourist visa not a resident visa and i do not pay tax in that country will this make a difference when filling out the form?. my intention at the moment is to fill it the best i can and add a covering letter with it!best wishes
Hi Lucy
Thanks for your response and you question the responses as much as you like, as its important that you are sure of whats required of you and why :)
And any help you need with the SA109 I am happy to help you with
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
HI samok my questions on the sa109 form so far are as followsI Live in Egypt under a tourist visa not a resident one - does this make a difference?
work day relief - do i tick his box? am i eligible or is this not relevant to me as do not pat tax in Egypt?
Thanks Lucy these would also need to be listed as new question - so credit is given for each thread to us experts
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