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Sam, Accountant
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I think this is the last one! question 14 number of workdays

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i think this is the last one! question 14 number of workdays overseas - i work a few hours a week on line all overseas - do i guess a number of days or do 365 -85 which was the number of days i spent in the uk?
Potentially every day you were abroad was a potential work day so as you state 365 -85 (days in the UK) = 280
I shall head to bed soon as have a 6am start BUT if you want me to go through the whole form with you tomorrow - we could Skype (no cost to either of us) and I am back by 4pm tomorrow afternoon - if you would like OR
If you send me a message listing each Question number and what you have entered (X in the box or information) I can then read through it and confirm whether its right.
AS I know you left April 2014 and have spent 85 days in the UK during 2014/2015 so I just need to know whether you were resident in the UK 2013/2014 or any of the previous 3 years
Then we can get you finished and you send that return and thsoe pages to HMRC
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Gosh Thanks so much Sam really your help has been absolutely invaluable - a face to face meeting with an accountant was way out my budget with my £300 a month salary so i am very grateful i found you in here those months agoI will need to get the form sent recorded delivery tomorrow pm as my flight is first thing Wednesday morning so i think i will be too late for a skype but i think with your help i have cracked it!i will put my resident status for 2013/14 on a new question but basically i was resident that year and prior i made trips to Egypt but it was more the opposite way round to the time i spend there now if that makes sense
You are very welcome
And have a safe flight back - and you would have been resident for 2013/2014 and also would have ticked the box that asked whether you had been resudent for the preceding 3 tax years