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Property tax question i am declaring my uk property rental

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property tax question i am declaring my uk property rental for tax purposes - i live in Egypt, my flat is part rent part buy so i pay mortgage and rent on this property i have claimed for the mortgage interest aspect - i assume i also claim for the rent
i pay - in the rate rents insurance section - should i tell them my property is part rent/part buy and i pay rent on it or is this not relevant to them at this stage and if they need more information of the break down of figures they will ask for it? many
Thanks for your furtehr question
Yes you can claim for the rent and the interest element of the mortgage repayment.
You could advise in the white space (where it asks for additional information the fact this is shared ownership property hence rents claimed as well as the interest on the loan repayment. This then just saves the question arising as you will have an entry for rents and mortgage/loan interest. (but is not essential as you quite rightly advise - if they wish for more information then can ask for it but as this is an unusual arrangement (as not many shared ownership are then sub let) it just preempts the likely question arising.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Sam many thanks for your response unfortunately it went without this information added by next day recorded deliver today
i was tempted not to look at the answer!would you advice me sending this additional information to them? perhaps on line? my rent is quite small so it is not a huge amount so they may not query it
I have no UTR so not sure another piece of paper wouldn't just get lost in the system i fly very early in the morningand thanks again! otherwise i think it all went off ok today!
Thanks for your response
Its not the end of the world as HMRC may just accept the information and if not, and they ask after the position then you have a valid reason!
As it was not included as additional information on the return itself, then Id not pursue this further especially as there is UTR allocated !
Glad that you got the return off ok, and have a good flight tomorrow - and anymore assistance you need, then you know to just post new questions
Take care
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