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I moved to the UK last year but have income from another

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Hi, I moved to the UK last year but have income from another country. How can I declare this to HMRC? The website has three different registration links for online tax and its impossible to figure out which one is which!
Can you tell me what the source of the non-UK income is and which country it is from please. Do you have the income sent to the UK? What do you do for a living in the UK?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Here's some more detail: I am technically an Irish resident for tax as I moved here in July last year. There was no place for us to live and no school places for our kids so I had to commute til then. I also worked and paid tax in ireland. This brings me over 50,000 and I did get child benefit here (In Ireland that's not related to your income). The source of the income is universities - I am a lecturer and worked here. I did contracting in Ireland for commitments I'd had before doing the UK thing.The income wasn't sent to the UK, it was paid in Ireland and tax was withheld there too.I'm really worried, somebody told me this is very bad?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
By tax withheld I mean I paid tax on my income in Ireland - but I get childcare vouchers and child benefit and I didn't realise these are all to do with income.
Can you clarify some points for me please. What nationality are you? You have moved to the UK (July 2014?)but had to commute from Ireland until you were able to fully move your family to the UK? You earn £50,000 per annum from university work in the UK? You earned money from work in Ireland whilst commuting to the UK? Those earnings were taxed in Ireland? What was the nature of the work in Ireland? Were you on PAYE there or working on a self-employed basis?
Can you tell me which three registration points you have found please.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am Irish.
Yes I commuted between Feb and July finally moving here.
I earn 43200 as a lecturer here
I earned 29500 EUROS in Ireland last year. Most of this was before March but paid after march (yes I earned this in ireland while commuting to the UK - it sounds insane but I had a mental health condition called PTSD which meant I was a work-a-holic plus I have a misplaced sense of loyalty having committed to do work prior)
Yes those earnings were fully taxed in Ireland. I worked writing curriculae and doing guest lectures. They were PAYEThis is the link - and it doesn't make any sense to me there are three points of logging on for different types
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
And they were PAYE because Irish Universities won't accept an invoice - this is a LONG story but probably not relevant
Leave this with me while I draft my answer. It will take a while.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks - I didn't give you the right link to the HMRC website (sorry - but there were three points of entry, one for an agent, one for an individual with capital gains income and one other one - but I didn't fit in anywhere)
Hi again.
As far as UK tax is concerned, you may qualify for split year treatment whereby the Irish income you earned in the period 6 April 2014 to the date you moved to the UK is ignored for UK tax purposes and the Irish income you earned post your arrival in the UK to 5 April 2015 isn't. Any tax paid on that income in Ireland will be deductible from the UK tax liability on the same income.
Having said all that, as you are not a UK national, ie you are non-UK domiciled, you can if you wish choose to be taxed on the remittance basis whereby you pay UK tax on UK source income and on Irish income you remit to the UK. Read about the remittance basis of assessment in section 9 here:
If you wish to register for self-assessment, go here:
Complete the form and submit it to HMRC. You will receive an email from HMRC confirming receipt of your SA1. HMRC will set you up for self-assessment and issue a Unique Tax Reference (UTR) to you by post. This may take a month or more.
Once you have your UTR, you can register to complete a tax return for 2014/15 online here:
You will see a login code when you sign up and create your own password. You will then need to wait a week or so for an authentication code to be posted to you. Login with your user ID and password, enter the authentication code and you will then be able to complete your tax return online.
HMRC might ask you to complete the SA109 pages here:
If they do, you will need to file a paper tax return as the SA109 pages cannot be created using the HMRC site. The SA100 and supplementary pages are here:
I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
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