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I have received my tax calculation -2015 letter stating

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i have received my tax calculation for 2014-2015 letter stating that i have under payed. Basically in short i have been employed by SRT (my main employer) since 2010. But in mid 2013 i started a second job with ISS which i was working each and every Saturday. I was receiving payslips so presumed everything was normal practice so didn't think anymore of it but then received a letter this year stating no tax was paid during the whole time of employment with ISS. Unfortunately i cannot find the P60 from ISS so cannot confirm the amount earned. My tax code is 1760L and has been for 10 months now and just concerned that i'm now over paying.
Any help on this would be gratefully received.
You say your tax code is 1760L. Are you sure? The basic personal allowance is £10,600 (code 1060L) and is a maximum of £10,660 (code 1066L). Do you have the tax code to hand? If so, can you tell me what is in it in terms of allowances and deductions please. Is that code being operated against your ISS earnings? You should contact HMRC about your tax code as soon as possible as a code that high will certainly mean you are underpaying tax unless you pay very high personal pension contributions or have some other allowance in your tax code in addition to your personal allowance.
The figure for employment income on the P800 for 2014/15 will be the combined earnings from ISS and SRT and will probably be correct? Given that no tax was deducted from the SRT earnings, you will be underpaid for as long as you worked for them and can expect to receive a P800 for 2013/14.
The only way that you can check the ISS earnings for 2013/14 and 2014/15 is to contact the company direct or find the P60s or payslips. Alternatively, look at your bank statements. You say you were paid gross so the ISS credits on the bank statements will add up to your gross pay. HMRC would give you a split of the P800 figure if you contacted them and as I said, it is probably correct.
You should never assume your tax codes are correct. Most people do and it always surprises me that, given all the bad publicity HMRC get,that people don't pay as much attention to their tax codes as they do to their car insurance quote or other financial paperwork. Payslips with absolutely no tax on them are a warning sign at least.
There are some notes on the P800 tax calculation here:
A link to the tax rates and allowances is on the right of the page.
I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Is it possible i could send you some documentation i have from HMRC? I have just noticed another company i worked for in 2012-2013 the payslips state Tax code BR? Possible i could scan this all over yo you?
You are welcome to scan it to me but I won't be able to check the accuracy of the income figures unless you scan the P60 or payslip figures.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Tony, sorry for the error my lastest SRT payslip states "172L" how can i send the documents yo yourself? Thank you for helping me on this thus far
I'm not sure it can be done via this portal. For instance, I have no formatting tools which other just answer portals do so that's why I posted the web page address in full as opposed to using a hyperlink.
You may have a paperclip icon you can use to attach documents but you need to scan them first, probably into a PDF format. Alternatively, you can send them to just answer as attachments to an email using your customer reference and ask them to send them to TonyTax in the UK Tax section. Some customers have done that in the past.
A 172L tax code is much more like a regular code than 1760L but you would need to ask HMRC what is in it so that you can check it unless you have the P6 code and you can scan it to me.
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