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My husband has not been working in the UK last 6 and

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My husband has not been working in the UK for the last 6 and a half years. He returned to UK 2 months ago. I am unemployed for since beginning of AUGUST. My tax code is 1060l. Would I be entitled to a tax rebate.
Hello1060 refers to their tax-free Personal Allowance, £10,600. The letter L means you’re entitled to the basic tax-free allowance. If your tax code is just 1060L it’s not an emergency tax code. You would not pay tax on the first £10,600. The earnings over the Personal Allowance, will have basic rate tax deducted by their employer.If you overpay tax, then you would have to a tax rebate from HMRC.At the end of the tax year employers will issue P60s to all its employees that will summarise all their income from that job and the tax paid.HMRC also receive this information from each employer. They use this information to check the right amount of tax has been paid and if there have been overpayments, HMRC will issue a rebate.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Who claims the marriage tax allowance am I on a single personormarried tax allowance?
You and your spouse can:share the minimum Married Couple’s Allowancetransfer the whole of the minimum Married Couple’s Allowance from one to the otherYour tax code is for a personal amount, yes.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
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You are most welcome.My goal is to give you excellent service.Your positive rating is thanks enough.
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