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TAX and working outside of the UK. This year I canged my job

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TAX and working outside of the UK. This year I canged my job from the UK to work in dubai starting on 01st August 2015. Dubai salary is being paid tax free, however - do I still need to pay UK tax on the earnings in Dubai? this will be a 3 year contract,
I have a house in UK and it is idle and will be for 3 years. My family are with me in Dubai and I have a rented villa. Can you please advise how the rulrs would work?
Hi. You can read the full details of the statutory residence test here and find a more easily followed summary here. Complete a P85 to tell HMRC you have moved abroad. The bare minimum you have to achieve to maintain your non-UK tax residency status is to spend at least one full tax year as such. Given that you left the UK on 1 August 2015, that means you cannot return to live in the UK until 6 April 2017 at the earliest. You should look to spend no more than 90 days in the UK in a full tax year. The number of days that you can spend in the UK between 1 August 2015 and 5 April 2016 will be reduced as the part of the tax year that you will be overseas will be less than a full tax year. See page 53 of RDR3 here. I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
If you maintain your non-Uk residency status as described above, you should pay no UK tax on your Dubai earnings.
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