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I am a Greek citizen living in London since 1990. I have

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I am a Greek citizen living in London since 1990. I have retired from a managerial post with an Oil company 3 years ago. My wife is British. The Greek Tax authorities are demanding a Certificate confirming that me and my wife are UK tax residents from 1999
up to now. This is required to be " Apostiled" in accordance with the Hague convention
rules, of which the U.K. is a member State. I need to produce such certificate within 2 weeks from today. How can I go about getting it on time?
Many thanks for your help and advice
Hello Stavros, I am Keith, one of the experts on Just Answer and pleased to be able to help you with your question. Here is the link to get one from HMRC: Whether you can acquire one within the Greek authorities time frame is quite another matter! However, it is the way forward. In my view the Greek authorities are wasting their time as under the Double Taxation Convention between the UK and Greece the same income streams cannot be taxed in both jurisdictions. I do hope that my reply has been of assistance.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Keith, I was aware of the HMRC link. The problem with this is that it takes 45 days for their response.
I need the certificate,which needs to be apostiled within 2 weeks. Do you know of a way to get it within this time frame?
This was my question! Sorry, but your reply was not of any help to me.
I have given you a correct reply to your question. What the Greek authorities require is irrelevant, you are a British resident and under the Double Taxation Convention between the UK and Greece not subject to Greek tax save of any differences in rates of tax. I feel your rating most unfair.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Kieth, I am not arguing with you on whether your reply was a correct one.Of course it was. The fact that me and my wife are
British residents is also known to the Greek authorities. Nevertheless, this makes no difference whatsoever to the new leftist government in the country. They are trying to raise money using Stalinist methods. I own property in Greece, which will be auctioned, unless I provide the requested certificate within the 2 weeks time limit. Do you think there is a way that I can get it?
My personal experience is that it takes a minimum of 45 days to get this document after they receive the application .
I would much appreciate your help in this respect. Regards.
I would suggest that you approach HMRC to expedite the issue of the certificate.
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Thank you for your support.