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ForCustomer09/12/2015 08:45 That was most helpful. Thank you. N

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09/12/2015 08:45 That was most helpful. Thank you. Now: What if I do not renew my US citizenship and do not renounce my US citizenship? My worry is that if I attempt to do so they will still chase me for 5 years of tax returns which I am told will cost
£1-2000 per year, money I do not have and do not know where to find. (Once again, I am 80 and impecunious.) I have ben told (not by an expert) that the alternative is not to renew my US passport and then, as it were, drop from sight. Is this unwise, or do
people do it all the time and succeed? Would having no US passport, i.e., being stateless (?) endanger my UK citizenship application? My US passport expires in March, and I gather tat it takes up to six months for my UK citizenship to me acted upon - a three
month gap.
Hello, I am Keith, one of the experts on Just Answer, and pleased to be able to help you with your question. You are correct in your surmise that it usually takes about six months for an application for British Citizenship to be granted and even then you must swear allegiance to Her Majesty within a limited time period for it to be effective. Your local authority arranges these ceremonies through the Electoral Registration representatives. If you reside in the UK for more that 183 days in any tax year you are liable to UK taxation irrespective of your citizenship. You receive, providing that the jurisdiction in which your income was taxed has a Double Taxation Treaty with the UK, tax credits for tax paid there to offset any UK liability. You are not required to self assess for UK taxes unless you are in receipt of income which has not been taxed at source or if HMRC require you to make a return. The penalties to which you refer only apply if self assessment was needed. Failure to renew your US passport does not make you stateless, it merely makes life extremely inconvenient for you; don't do it! You will not drop off HMRC's nor the Home Office Immigration's radar either. Without it you could find the Home Office keen to deport you with the long term possibility of no return within 10 years. Letting your passport lapse is a game not worth the candle. I do hope I have been able to shed some light on your position.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have had 'indefinite leave t remain in the UK' since the mid-i160s. Would it remain in force if I did not renew my US passport and do not apply for UK citizenship?
Yes it would. You would continue to have to show that right on entry to the UK and many such people in your position have to display an expired passport to prove the position. However, without a valid passport of some type you would be unable to enter, or most certainly have difficulties, entering the UK. Not renewing your current passport is not a good idea and in any event part of the documentation needed to support an application for British Citizenship is the current valid passport used to enter the UK. In my opinion you must renew your US passport.