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I work full time in the UK from Mon - Fri and earn £22k I

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I work full time in the UK from Mon - Fri and earn £22k
I also have a freelance job for a Chinese company which I am paid annually for of £1k per month.
I am filling out my tax return and there is a section that states 'Tax on foreign income'
With the conversion rates the income is £994.00 that I receive.
I do not believe that this is then taxed.
Do I fill in this section on the tax return or is this just classed as a freelance job which HMRC will tax themselves?
Many thanks!
Hello Mark, I am Keith, one of the experts on Just Answer, and pleased to be ale to help you with your question. It would appear that this has effectively been paid to you gross. Accordingly it should be entered on your self assessment tax return as earned income which has not been taxed on Supplementary Form SA106 [foreign income] which you must submit in addition to your SA100 form. On receipt HMRC will raise a bill for unpaid tax which must normally be paid by 31 January in the year after the relevant tax year ends. If it is under GBP 3K you can ask for it to be recovered through your tax code number used to tax your full time work thus spreading the financial load. Remember, always check each and every tax code issued as mistakes are often made. If they are wrong ask for a correction. I do hope that my reply has been of assistance.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Keith,Thank you for your reply.I can only do my tax return online now. I am unsure as to wether tax has been included or not, if not then I am to fill out another form which states this which will then be added to my total tax? Can I do all of this online? Thanks for your help!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Keith, I have included my number if you could call back as I would prefer to discuss on phone. Thanks!
Delighted to have been of assistance. Thank you for your support. Yes, your 14/15 tax return must now be done of line as you have passed the 31 October deadline. There is no doubt that your Chinese income has been paid without deduction of tax. In any event as it is foreign income a SA100 and a SA106 is needed. I have refused your kind offer of a telephone call as I am answering you from a time zone 7 hours ahead of GMT. You will appreciate that international call rates would make this prohibitive.