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I am RETIRED (age 68 DoB 12 June 1947) with income amounting

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I am RETIRED (age 68 DoB 12 June 1947) with income amounting to £1071.64 (For year 2015 2016)
My MONTHLY GROSS income consists £696.6 UK State Pension, £253.7 Lucent Technologies Pension + £ 121.57 from a Pension administered by L&G.
Each month I am taxed 20% on my Lucent Technologies income ONLY.
I am currently living in Thailand (last 15+ years)
Lucent Technologies Pension is reviewed annually (June each year)
For the year 2014/2015 I was given a Tax Code 9T & recently received a Tax Rebate of £13.30 for the year 2014/2015.
I do not know what my current Tax Code is, although I recently received an advice note from Lucent for the July 15 Pay period showing a Tax Code of BR
I know numerous other UK Expats living here & none of my associates/friends seem to be paying the amount of Tax that I am being deducted.
I have no Income other that that stated above, but seemingly my Personal Tax Allowance is completely eroded by the combination of my State Pension + the LG & Pension
I assumed that a Tax code of 1060 would be normal & that I would be entitled to an allowance of £883 per month which I would calculate given my Gross Income is £1071.64 my Tax should be of the order of £37+
Is there anything that can be done to change my Tax code???
Colin D Cave
Hello, I am Keith, one of the experts on Just Answer, and happy to help you with your question.
There most certainly is; you should write to the tax office which issued the code asking for it to be corrected. Code BR indicates that all payments to you will be charged at 20% whereas as an EEA citizen you are entitled to a personal allowance, currently 10.6K, so your tax code should be 1060.
My immediate thought is to your residential position. When you left the UK for Thailand did you send a Form P85 to the Inland Revenue? If you did not you should do so immediately, but to HMRC, fortunately there is no time limit as to its submission, the form is available on the web and can be filed on line. On receipt HMRC will classify you as non resident and you will find dealing with that very understaffed organization much easier.
You may be interested to know that I responding to your query from Bangkok and that I too have had dealings with the Sc**thorpe office some 20 years ago and was not impressed!
You can reclaim the overpaid tax in previous years and you should include the matter in your letter to HMRC. The 15/16 tax year should adjust automatically once the code is corrected. Now it is just a case of plugging away at HMRC until they unscramble the mess. You may have to write several letters before the whole caper is corrected.
I do hope that my reply has been of assistance.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Keith
Yes I informed HRMC of my resident status some years back (2013 I believe)
Not sure about the EEA citizen - what exactly does that mean?
When I questioned the 9T coding I was told it was because I had income which took me over the Single Personal Allowance, so I had no reason to doubt it after that!
If you are a citizen of the European Economic Area, a sort of expanded EEC, you have a personal allowance. You are presumably a Brit so you definitely have one. Your computation of tax at 37 quid a month is correct, I made it 37.96, say 38!
On your current tax code you will be having say 61 pounds a month deducted which is way too high. When you write to HMRC you should draw their attention to the position. I warn you now it may take a long time to drum the position into the rather thick sculls of the staff who are employed in that department. Personally I would still serve HMRC up with a P85, it goes to an entirely different section of HMRC and its submission might might still be of benefit.
Of course, in theory, it will all come out in the wash at the end of each tax year, but such adjustments should be un-necessary were the code to be correct in the first place.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Many thanks for your advice - Letter number 1 is on the way to Liverpool!!!!
Thank you for your support.