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Last year my previous employer gave me my P45 but then did

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Last year my previous employer gave me my P45 but then did not pay my final salary and redundancy money to me. I have never managed to get this money back. My new employer used the P45 and my P60 at end of year has the incorrect amounts on it. I am SA and must complete my tax return in 12 days but if I use my P60 it shows income that I did not receive - what should I do? Can I also use this payment to off-set my tax return as an expense item
Hello, I am Keith, one of the experts on Just Answer, and happy to help you with your question.
You should enter what you actually received and the tax deducted on your self assessment tax return.
You should also take an action in the Small Claims Court to recover the outstanding wages. I had to do this once and the solicitor for the other side told me that they were only defending because they had instructions so to do. She also added that trying to defend actions for unpaid wages was an exercise in judicial futility and so it proved. They settled out of Court.
If you are self employed then you can offset the fee for this question against profits. Otherwise add it to the sum you sue your late employer for.
You should also write to your tax office and tell them what has happened. You could put this as a note in the final box of the return, but I would be inclined to write a letter to your tax office setting out the position.. This error will have to be unscrambled as an incorrect P45 is in the system for wages not received and tax deducted thus skewing the whole PAYE system.
I do hope that I have shown you a way forward in this matter.
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