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My wife had my income declared as her income , so as to evidence

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My wife had my income declared as her income , so as to evidence to a mortgage lender she had sufficient earnings herself to secure a mortgage , and her tax accountant declared £ 30936 worth of income 31 March 2014 - 1 April 2015 to Hmrc etc , so that if the would be mortgage lender looked they would see that she had properly declared that as genuine bona fide income.
I am unable to get a mortgage in my name , so tried cheating the system to declare as her income .
But in changing her accountant to a new one , the new one says the tax office - Hmrc have this £ 30936 declared - submitted as her income , but there is a process to have this declared income removed - voided- deleted
Is this possible and how is it done
Hi Mike Thanks for your question - I am Sam and I am one of the Uk tax experts here on Just Answer (ex HMRC and now have my own accountancy business) Can I assume that instead of this then being treated as her income (which it was not in the first place) you now wish to declare it as yours (or maybe you already had) abut want it recognised that wisfes income was in fact NIL - Is that the gist of it? Thanks Sam
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
i was the owner of the paying company concerned , but technically the company had not traded , but the accountant that did the submissions to Hmrc for the £ 30936 was not concerned that the income was false as such as he was paid to do the payslips and declare to Hmrc , so there was no actual income to myself or my wife
I know is not proper and should not have been done , but being desperate to get a mortgage , we did desperate things .
As it happens my wife did not get the mortgage , as it was subject to her getting a work transfer from her actual employer , but she never got that transfer , so the mortgage and its application was abandoned , but by that time the income was already declared
Hi Mike As you have a new accountant - you could also then write to HMRC and state that its come to your attention that the previous accountant (who you will no longer use) made a declaration to state that your wife had earned a salary of £39036 a year which was incorrect and neither of you drew any money at all from your limited company. Could they therefore check your sifes self assessment position and also the Employers end of year return as you fear that this may have led to tax and National Insurance being paid over incorrectly. It would be worthy you writing a letter to your PAYE tax position and one for your wifes personal tax position - which she then includes within a letter she then sends to her own tax office to ask them to correct this. If you keep it that simple, then no harm really done. But your new accountant could perhaps do this for you ?Thanks Sam
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi SamNo actual NI or paye or income tax was paid on any of the £ 30936The new accountant seems not inclined to involve himself in this matter as he views was fraudulent saying the old accountant for the paying company should sort the problem out and have that income removed etc
I got the impression there might be a particular form to fill in etc and suppose it needs to be removed by end this JN being the last date for end March 2015 submissions
What do you think
Hi I can understand the new accountants position - However there is no way this income could have been declared to HMRC (whether through the payroll or through self assessment or both) without a payment on the deductions due (either via the payroll or via the self assessment too) However that aside there is no special form - just a letter detailing what has been inaccurately declared - and the amount - and yes you need to remove it this end (with your own affairs (although if the final submission has been made - you may not be able to do this, hence the suggestion to write to HMRC to update their position) So just be sure that the Corporation tax accounts are accurateThe Payroll position is accurateAny self assessment tax return that may have been made for your wife is also accurate. Let me know if I can assist further - and please do take the time out to rate the level of service I have provided. Thanks Sam
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi SamOk thanksThe income was purposely declared to Hmrc , as we became aware that the ''would be '' mortgage lender do checks with Hmrc that the earnings declared to support a mortgage application are genuine , as we suppose that many mortgage applicants provided payslips , which can be done on line these days , but if the so called earnings as on the payslips are not declared to Hmrc , the mortgage lender would realise they were fabricated payslips , but if they were declared to Hmrc , they would readily accept the earnings must be genuine .I will see if the '' new '' accountant will write to Hmrc
He has their contact info , and it was Hmrc that let him know about this '' supposed ' other income
If he won't then I will see if I can get the tax office info and write them an explanatory letter that this income was erroneously declared , albeit I will need to maintain the guise of my wife writing to the tax officeI think that might be all on this matter , unless something else occurs to youI will rate your service 5 star , as soon as you reply to this emailtks
Hi Mike Thanks for your response I agree with your proposed action - keep it all simple as possible ! Thanks Sam
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