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I moved from the UK to the US permanently in March 2015 because

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I moved from the UK to the US permanently in March 2015 because my job transferred me. I paid all of my moving costs and the costs related to selling my home in London. I finished work in the UK office and sold our home on March 31. So all of my UK earnings AND the costs of moving are 2014-2015 tax year. My questions are:
1) can I claim the cost of the move and selling my home as an expense against my UK taxes due?
2) what form would I use?
3) can I still file electronically?
HelloThe UK would not allow for the cost of you moving to the US as an expense. You are allowed to use the cost to sell your property against Capital Gain tax in the UK. If you used Private Residence Relief you woudl not be paying tax though on the sale.You can deduct expenses for a move to the area of a new main job location within the United States or its possessions. Your move may be from one U.S. location to another or from a foreign country to the United States. You would use US form 3903 with your US return for the calendar year of your move and deduct costs on your US tax return.When you file your US return for 2015 this will reduce your US income.The move is not deductible for UK income but can be used for US income.After you view my response, please post below if you need more information or if you need no further clarification a positive rating is appreciated.I know rating takes an additional step and I truly appreciate it when you take the extra time!
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