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Good Evening, I had 2 jobs during the tax year 2014-2015.

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Good Evening,
I had 2 jobs during the tax year 2014-2015. I quit both of them before the 5 of April 2015. I was filling my tax returns on website (because of the 1 month of self-employment) and it showed that I need to pay £1500 of taxes. Both my employers were using 1000l tax code, my total pay from the employer nr. 1 was £9924,32 with total tax £900,40; from the employer nr. 2 it was £9380,05 with total tax amount £104.00. Also I had my self-employment ending at the 30th of April 2014, the amount earned during the 6th-30th of April 2014 was £950.
Could you please advise why do I owe this £1500? Who made a mistake and what should be the actual amount I need to pay HMRC?
Kind Regards,
Hi. You had two personal allowances which is obviously wrong. If you didn't tell your second employer when you started there that you already had another job, then that was a mistake. If you did and they still gave you a full personal allowance, then it could be argued that it was your second employer's fault. However, as the taxpayer you are responsible for ensuring that your own tax affairs are in order, nobody else. There is plenty of information available on the internet to help people check tax codes. Take a look here for information on employer error and if you want to you can ask HMRC to investigate why you had two personal allowances being operated at the same time by two different employers but I very much doubt that HMRC will ask one of your former employers to pay the tax for you. Had you completed the tax return earlier, you would have had much more time to find out why two 1000l codes were operated but with 10 days to go before the deadline for tax return submissions and for tax to be paid, if you do ask HMRC to look into the matter, it won't be done in 10 days. I realise this answer is not what you want to read but I've been in tax for 36 years and I've seen this so many times. Let me know if you have any further questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thank you for the reply. That is the thing, I've told my former employer no. 2 that I've started working for another company and that their company is not the priority for me anymore, so I worked less hours and was paid half less. I've checked my payslips and this employer since I let him know started showing all the amount I've been earning with 0 tax deducted, he was showing -58.40 instead (58,40R on the top of the payslip). Could you explain that to me, please?
I can't explain the payslips. It's very straightforward really. The rules weren't followed. If you have one job with a tax code of 1000L and you start another job, you are supposed to tell the second employer that you have another job, they tell HMRC and HMRC issue an appropriate tax code. If the second employer just operates 1000L that is wrong and he should be held to account by HMRC. You should ask HMRC to investigate the sequence of events. There is no point in not asking them to investigate. You earned £20,254 in 2014/15. Deduct the £10,000 personal allowance and you have net taxable income of £10,254 on which tax is payable at 20%, £2050.80. Deduct the tax paid through PAYE of £1,004.40 and that leaves you underpaid by £1,046.40.
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