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I am experiencing some confusion with my Self Assessment tax return. I was self-em

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Hello, I am experiencing some confusion with my Self Assessment tax return. I was self-employed doing some cleaning work for cash for six months before starting back at work as a teacher. I am therefore only submitting the tax return for the earnings made during this time- in the region of £500. I also worked as an assessment associate for an exam board earlier that year (prior to July 1st when I declared myself self-employed) and was paid in the region of £900 after tax. This was taxed at a flat rate by the exam board but I think I had the tax rebated later on in the year (I need to double check). Should I therefore be declaring this income too, on the basis that the tax I paid was rebated? HMRC already know about this work as I rang them and declared it and they made note of it and issued a tax code specifically for that work, which I believe is different to the one they issued for my teaching post, when it started. I rang them when I started this job and they told me I would n
Hi. If you complete a tax return, you include all your taxable income for the relevant tax year, not just from the time that you commenced self-employment. Any tax you had repaid by HMRC directly during the tax year should be put into box 1 on page TR6 of the SA100 tax return: If tax was repaid via your payslip by an employer, then the last payslip for that job will tell you how much tax was paid or refunded and you use that figure accordingly. You might consider checking with the employer or calling the tax office on the number here. They can given you pay and tax details for any employer you had in the tax year whose name you can recall. I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you, ***** ***** really helpful. Can I just check with you the difference between accounting period and the basis period? Does this apply to me if I held self-employed accounts for the period of Jul-Dec, as that period rests within the HMRC tax period of April 14 to April 15? Thank you for your help.
They can be the same but you really shouldn't be worried about it as you started and stopped being self-employed in the same tax year so your basis period will be the same as your accounting period.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Great, thank you!