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In late 2013 I was diagnosed with a serious (life-threatening)

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In late 2013 I was diagnosed with a serious (life-threatening) medical condition. I chose to manage it in my own way, having some treatments privately, and also seeking treatment outside the NHS with some therapies that are well known, but outside current NHS thinking.
I learned a lot about nutrition during the process. And so my husband and I found opportunities to use our knowledge and experience in our existing business (which includes personal coaching); it also led to us building up a side business in a health-related field (selling vitamins). I have also started writing a book about the experience, have set up a blog, and attend related conferences.
Thus, much of the costs, treatments and equipment also constitute valid research for me, as I test out hypotheses, record results, journal my experiences, and share them with others.
It was an expensive undertaking, costing us tens of thousands from our savings. During this period I had next to no help from the NHS, no income and no state benefits, so anything I can legitimately claim as a tax allowance will of course be welcome.
The question is: how much can I legitimately claim against the business?
Thank you
Thanks for your question
I am Sam and I am one of the UK tax experts on HMRC having previously been employed for HMRC and now run my own accountancy business.
No I am afraid you cannot claim these expenses against the business for 3 reasons
1) they were private expenses adhering to your health issue which I am pleased sees you in a better situation now but only incurred due to your situation and not due to the business - which HMRC would refuse outright just on this one element
2) These in essence (even if we could say are relevant) merely put you in a position to add this arm of trade to your running of an existing trade and was a new skill set within the business which is never an allowable business
3) You may make money in the future from injecting this as a valuable and most relevant aid to help others but none of these will ever be permitted to claim against - just the costs incurred in providing this new element of your extensive experience.
I wish there was a way I could offer a solution to this - as I understand entirely where you are coming from and face a similar dilemma too! So if there was a way id find it for you
Good luck with the business and your improved health position which I am sure will provide enormous support to many more
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