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FBAR reporting - I asked a question a couple of days ago if

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FBAR reporting - I asked a question a couple of days ago if my non-US partner's personal details need to be disclosed on the FBAR. Your advice was that there is no need due to my partner being non-US. I have since heard conflicting advice on this and been told I do need to provide all the information on my partner.
Can you please clarify if there are any issues if this information is not disclosed? Do the guidance notes state anything about this?
Thank you
If you are filing and reporting a joint account held with your spouse then yes their information is required.This is not stated in the instructions for the FBAR but it is the practice of the IRS to accept one filing for both when the names of the joint owners are fully disclosed. This practice only applies to joint owners who are husband and wife and who reside at the same address.Other joint owners must file separate FBARs. BUT only if each is required to file a FBAR
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

We are not married but live together and my partner is not a US citizen. So do I need to disclose or not?

Just for yourself. Their name should not be on your FBAR
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you. Are there any issues if the FBAR includes my partner's name and details? The CPA I have appointed has advised that they need to include full details even though they are non-US so I'm not sure why.

No, I do not think there would be any problems from it.I think because it is a partnership they want to list the name
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