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Iam a retired UK/ Canadian all my income is Canadian pensions

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Iam a retired UK/ Canadian all my income is Canadian pensions I have been living here for 10 years and have submitted a tax return every year and paid tax twice yearly in advance I am returning to Canada shortly and will put the leaving date in my next tax return.however what other forms will I need as a P85 wouldn't apply to me.I will be cutting my ties completely.with the uk
I assume my husband does all his separetly and is not involved in my paperwork
HelloAs you are leaving and do not receive a P85 your advisement on your Self Assessment would be enough.You will need to send your SA by post. Complete the ‘residence’ section in your tax return (form SA109 if you’re sending it by post).Your husband would not be involved in your information. You each would send your own.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you Robin.I thought there was some sort of form asking me wether I would be returning for visits wether I had left property here etc which on both counts are no.
No.If you did have UK sourced income then you would just continue to be taxed when you left. This happens most often on rental.