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I need to obtain my employment history from as far back as

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I need to obtain my employment history from as far back as 30 years ago as proof of residence in the UK. I have seen that HMRC offers an employment history service but it states for claiming purposes:
Is this something I could use?
Alternatively, if that is not something I can use, there is a link to obtain NIC contributions:
Would this help to prove I was working in the UK? How many years back would this service go, would it include when I first started working if they are using my NI number to find the information?
Hi. As you will see on the employment history application here, you can only use this form if you need the information for an industrial injury claim, a personal injury claim or a medical negligence claim. Even if you qualify under one of those criteria, it can take up to 11 months for the information to reach you as much of the old data will not be on a computer database. Instead it will stored on microfiche which requires alot of human toil to search through. I know, I've had to search microfiche records. The search will go back as far as 1961/62. As for the National Insurance payment record application here, I would expect you to be able to get a record as far back as 30 years because that record is used to quantify your entitlement to state pension. If I were you, I'd do both so long as you qualify for the employment history. Alternatively, whatever purposes you need it for may be satisfied by an application for a certificate of tax residence in the UK may suffice. The application form for that is here. I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for your answer and clarifying about the first option, in which case I would neither be eligible or have the time to wait for this!

I need employment history to prove my continued and permanent residence in the UK as I was born in the US but lived in the UK since childhood.

Would both the NIC and Certificate of tax residence be my best options? Do you happen to know which would be a faster turnaround time as I need this paperwork urgently.

Many thanks.

A certificate of tax residence will only confirm that you are tax resident in the UK now. It won't go back into history. The NIC certificate should give a complete record of your NI payments since you started work in the UK. This will take longer than a certificate of tax residence.
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