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I am a retired UK resident with a UK tax registration,on a

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I am a retired UK resident with a UK tax registration,on a limited pension.
I recently received an inheritance from a European source, which has had a withholding tax and late payment penalty imposed on it.
Please advise,under the EUSD, Section 4, as to whether I can make use of such procedures to claim a refund of such charges?
Thank you.
Hello, I am Keith, one of the experts on Just Answer, and pleased to be able to help you with your question. No UK tax liability arises when you receive an inheritance, any UK Inheritance Tax (IHT) will have been settled by the executors or administrators of the deceased's estate before distribution. However, this is not the case in a number of European countries where the equivalent taxes are the responsibility of the recipient. Once these are settled and any late payment penalties ditto then you can claim the balance, if any, from the withholding authority or organisation. I do hope that you find my reply of assistance.
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Thank you for your support.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am still dealing with the original problem,that should see the inheritance that I informed you of,has actually reached my own account.
Please,Keith, may I ask that you meet me with these requirements, until I consult you further.
No problem, delighted to be of assistance.