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I am an agency teacher and pay tax and NI using PAYE and I

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I am an agency teacher and pay tax and NI using PAYE and I have also done two private tutoring roles - one for a foreign client and one for a uk client.
How do I declare these additional earnings on my tax return?
Would I have to say I was self employed or would they go in 'other income' section?
I understand the foreign income goes in the 'foreign' section.
On the foreign work, I was paid a NET amount plus expenses (food, stationary, books, phone vouchers) - when I declare the foreign income do I declare the GROSS amount paid before tax but minus the reclaimed expenses?
In addition to these, I should also submit my other income gained through PAYE (as stated on my P60s)?
Help much appreciated!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
In addition, I am now working abroad and intend to sign out of tax using a p85 - should I complete the tax return before I submit my P85 or should I do that now?
Hi. I would dislcose the income and expenses as other income as it seems that it will be a one off and not a continuing self-employment. Use the white space in the tax return to show the gross earnings and expenses. As you say, you need to use the foreign section for foreign earnings. You need to include all your taxable income in your tax return including your teaching earnings. You should complete the P85 as soon as possible, though there is no deadline. I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Just to clarify - the amount paid for the UK tutoring job would go into 'other earnings'- that seems logical.The overseas job is where I got expenses paid would go in the foreign section. Would I have to total the gross and expenses or can I show them as 'separate' (e.g. here is my basic gross pay, net after deductions + expenses) - would these deductions be taken into account in terms of the tax I will pay?
There isn't a box for expenses in the foreign pages so I would show the actual gross income and any tax deducted. In the white space write a note to the effect that you incurred expenses of X and these were reimbursed by the employer so in effect you have no expenses to claim a deduction for.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Okay that makes sense. I'll gather my P60s and that will give me my total income and tax/deductions already paid so they can calculate how much I still need to pay.Lastly, in terms of the P85 - I'm currently in Kazakhstan (will transit in London for 10 days) then go on to Norway for the summer. After that I will be in another country, but will not work in the UK during the tax year of stay longer than my 90 days. The original P85 form (pre 2013, according to my research) had a box for 'address, if known', but the new (online) form wants a specific country and address. If I am moving around from country to country, obviously I can't give a permanent residence, although by August/September I will probably stay in one place at least until the new tax year. What's my best move in terms of the form? Should I state my current address and keep updating HMRC? Or is there some way on the form to say it isn't permanent? I'm finding the new form more confusing because they want answers to things even I'm not sure about (like if I will be back in year 2, or 3 or how often I would be in the UK.HMRC have already been given a nominated postal address (parental address). I don't own property or have extra income from the UK and likewise I do not have a partner/children so have no 'ties' that would make me a UK resident.
Give your current address in the P85. As you have nominated a UK address for post there is no need to inform HMRC each time you move to another country. Say that your time abroad has no set length and that you are unlikely to spend more than 90 days in the UK in any one tax year.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Perfect - thank you.