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I havnt been living in the UK 10 years, but have a

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I havnt been living in the UK for over 10 years, but have a property that I have been renting out in the UK. I signed up for the non resident landlord scheme when I left to receive my rent in full, and had been under the impression that I didnt need to worry about filing unless I was making more than my personal allowance (which Im not). Recently I became aware that I should probably be filing, and so I got in touch with the Let Property Campaign. They informed me that I didn't need to worry as I was making less than my personal allowance, and had they found me they would have closed the file due to the amount that I was making. I was advised however that I should register for self assessment in the future. However, looking on the HMRC site, at the bit where you register for self assessment I seem to have to state when I started receiving my rental income, and claim that I am telling the truth. I have no wish to lie to HMRC, but I also don't want to trigger a chain reaction where I have to fill in years worth of tax returns, and possibly pay late fees for self assessment when I believe that I owe no tax. If I did have tax owing then I think I could make a voluntary declaration via the Let Property Campaign , and bring my tax affairs up to date that way, but I dont appear to have that option.That said, I have looked through lots of information on the HMRC site, and as far as I can tell, I do not actually have a 'Duty to inform' if I don't actually own any tax in a tax year (according to the original income tax law anyway), is this correct? Im also confused as to if I can owe late fees on SA when I have never registered or been asked to fill in a tax return by HMRC, I have seen advice saying I cant, is this also correct?. Finally, I don't believe I ever filled in a form telling HMRC that I was officially non-resident, is this something I can do all this time after the fact?
What is the simplest least painful way for me to bring my tax affairs up to date with HMRC and get myself into the system? As I said, I have no desire to decieve them, I mearly want to be doing what I should, preferably without a huge bill for my former ignorance.
Hi. When you register as a non-resident landlord, HMRC may or may not send you a tax return periodically. However, it is your responsibility to complete one if you think you may owe some tax for any tax year. As you say that your personal allowance has covered the rental profit I don't see that you have a problem. You ought to register for self-assessment but before you do that contact the helpline on +44 3000 516644 or 516651 (see here). You won't necessarily need to play catch up as far as tax returns are concerned but it would be worth speaking to the non-resident landlord advisers for their view given that you appear never to have registered for SA. I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thankyou! It seems like they were the people to call. Apparently I just need to fill in a NRL1i form and I will be issued a unique tax payer number, and registered for SA going forward and don't need to worry about previous years.
That's good to know. I wasn't sure that the NRL team at HMRC still registered landlords for self-assessment.