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I am an Executor of an Estate which has now been wound up.

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I am an Executor of an Estate which has now been wound up. There was a Will in which the deceased left everything to his Widow. I wrote to HMRC who had been notified of the death and the Will and Probate were lodged with them.
Following the winding up of the estate I received a letter from HMRC (although sent to my address it was addressed to the Widow) setting out the particulars of the deceased's tax affairs. I wrote back to HMRC saying that as the estate had been wound up and all money in the estate had been paid to the Widow would they please in future write to the Widow at her home address.
I have received an email from HMRC (to which I am unable to reply) pointing that they do not hold a valid form 64-8. I was told to send in writing my Client's change of personal details and signed for 64-8.
The Widow is a tax payer in her own right, and there is no change in her personal details. Her name and address have remained the same for the last 61 years.
I believe that there are no outstanding tax matters, so please say how I can get any future correspondence sent to the Widow?
Hi. The deceased estate and the widow are two different tax entities. As you are the executor of the estate, you will receive all correspondence in that regard unless responsibility for that is transferred to the widow. HMRC would need a 64-8 signed by the widow before they start writing to her on the subject of the deceased estate. You said the estate has been wound up so there really should be no further correspondence from HMRC to you so it would seem to be a pointless exercise to have the widow sign a 64-8 for the estate. I hope this helps but let me know if you have any further questions.
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