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My wife works as a PA and has two clients one she works 29

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my wife works as a PA and has two clients one she works 29 hours per week for £9 per hour and has a second client who she works 6 hours per week at £8.50 per hour. Both jobs are paid by different social service agencies, we are confused at the rates of tax being taken from her wages and would like to confirm what is the correct amount she should pay in tax and national insurance.
The smaller amount seems to be creating a problem as it appears to be taxed at a different rate which is higher and no national insurance is taken.
I thought it would not matter how many jobs you have and they would all become one for tax puposes


Thanks for your question - I am Sam and I am one of the UK tax experts here on Just Answer.

The first job 29 hours at £9 an hour will be £261 a week from which tax will be charged on the amount over and above £211.54 (so approx £9.89 and also National Insurance as the first £112 is National Insurance free so the balance is liable meaning a deduction of approx £12.82 so total deductions £22.71 leaving a net payment of £238.29

Then the second job will be taxed BR (20%) so 6 hours x £8.50 = £51 x 20% for tax = £10.20 and no National Insurance as below the limit (for tax purposes income is added together and one tax free element allocated, whereas each source of income for National Insurance considers the free element)

So she should take home approx £40.80

This is based on the fact that this are her sole incomes

Let me know if I can assist further



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