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Dear team, I need a legal advice. I applied for a job and

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Dear team,
I need a legal advice.
I applied for a job and lied on my cv. Basically i quit a job X in May and from May to July I had job Y which i didn't want to put in my cv to give continuity to the previous job X.
The job Y, wasn't a job that I liked but I applied for it just to have a better life, but once I realized that it was boring I started applying for something more suitable for me and I finally got a new job!
The paranoia comes when checking the p45...I have noticed that there is no name of the previous companies I have worked for, however there is a leaving date of the company which doesn't match with the one I told my new employer...the amount of taxes paid isn't too different, however I am worried that he will notice that I left the job before the date I told him. In actual fact, when I was working for company Y and I found the new job, I gabe one month notice to leave the place, but the manager has offered me to go home straight away and to get paid one week withouth going to work, as a result the leaving date will be matching with that day instead of the one that I have told my new employer.
I have seen online that is possible to complete a starter checklist or a p46, but I don't know what the employer will be sent back by the hmrc once p46 or starter checklist is completed and sent to them.
I know that I made my life difficult, but I have just done it because I can't survive with £1300 in a city like London...
Please help me out as I don't want to lose this new job.

Hello, I am Keith, one of the experts on Just Answer, and pleased to be able to help you with your question.

Remember that although your own copy of the P45 may well give employment details, the copy you give to a new employer merely gives information of remuneration, tax deducted to date and current tax code; nothing else. If you have a P45 then the new employer will not initiate the P46 procedure which is only implemented if a new employee has no P45.

I would not worry about the date discrepancy as any explanation needed is perfectly simple. You gave notice and the employer let you go early; happens every day to thousands of leavers.

You are definitely in a Dad's Army 'Don't panic!' situation. Don't worry, just give the new employer his copy of the P45 and it will all go like clockwork. PAYE is very efficient at making you tax neutral at the year end, I should know, my Mother introduced it to the BBC in the early 1940s on its inception.

I do hope that I have been able to set your mind at rest.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your answer,
I was thinking to do what you just said. However I had several conversations with the new employer and he asked me few times if I was still working even though I wasn't...obviously my answer was Yes!
What could I do in this case, can I just say that the employer let me
Go earlier as shown in the p45 but I was still doing some extras for him?!
I feel like in a labyrinth withouth exit...

There is always a way out of any labyrinth just search the Greek Legends! I can tell you now that getting out of Hampton Court Maze is dead easy! You just tell your new employer exactly what happened and that they let you depart immediately, as I told you it happens every day and there is nothing to worry about. Don't tie yourself in knots trying to make out what isn't exactly true. In any event your new employer will probably pick up your details on PAYE RTI anyway from your UTR or NI Number.

Please be so kind as to rate me before you leave the Just Answer site.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My concern is that he will find out that I was working for another company from May to July but on the cv is not showing this...the cv is showing that I was working for company X from the last year to this July...
The new employer has asked me to start a bit earlier in the new job but I said that I had to give one month notice...the day after when giving the notice I have been sent home straight away...
I am very confused and afraid that if I tell him the truth he will just refuse to work with me as I've been saying lies since the very beginning.

You do not have to show every employment on your CV, particularly if it is basically irrelevant to your normal career pattern. It would merely confuse the reader.

What you told your new employer was quite correct, you had to give a month's notice. You were not to know that you were to be released immediately. If I may suggest, and was is a favourite ploy of my late ex-Father-in-Law, who was a senior executive in the Bank of Scotland, play the 'dart laddie.'

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry, what is the dart laddie?! Excuse my ignorance but English is not my first language...
So do you think that if I give the p45 to my new employer, he will not notice that i have been workjng for two months for a different company? If I get questioned about the leaving date, do you think I should tell him that I was realesed straight away and I started doing extra shift in a pub (which is the reality) until the beginning of my new employment? Do you think he will accept this and not go with further check? Consider that is a managerial position in an hotel.

The 'daft laddie' is a Scottish term for being seemingly stupid. The P45 does not tell a new employer anything about previous employments save the pay issued, the tax deducted to date and the tax code to be operated along with the NI Number and maybe the UTR.

I don't think what you did matters a hoot; that you filled your time constructively is to your advantage rather than sitting about on the dole.

Frankly, I think that you are worrying too much over the situation.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for your reply.
I had a very stressful time due to all the things happening in my life...I had been fighting a lot to get a nice job and I am afraid to lose it...
Ps. I am so lucky those days that my holodays will begin tomorrow and I have a flue...I really hope some sunshine will help me out to refresh my mind. I will give the p45 to my new employer and if I get questioned I will tell him that I was realese straight away and I have done some extra shift in a pub until the beginning of he new employment the only thing I am hiding is the employment from May to July which I didn't put on my cv.
If you have any other suggestion please let me know and then i will rate your service

What you suggest is perfectly proper and, as I told you originally, there is no need to list every job on your CV.

I think you are handling this very well.

Please don't forget my rating.

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