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I am setting up my Ltd Co. business bank account. For the

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I am setting up my Ltd Co. business bank account. For the company's trading name, can I have the same name as my Ltd Co.?
I called the bank and they said I have to have a trading name, otherwise they will use my personal name. So if my Ltd Co. is ABC Group Limited, can my trading name also be the same: ABC Group Limited?
I read an article which has confused me stating that a trading name cannot use the words 'Group' and 'Limited' due to being a 'sensitive' word (see article below). I registered my name with Companies House with the words 'Group Limited' and that wasn't a problem. Is this ok and can my trading name be the same?


Thanks for your question

The business bank account HAS to be the same name as the limited company - only sole traders and partnership have an option to add in a trading name (if they have one) but then it does NOT need to form the business bank account name.

So if you are called ABC Group Ltd then your bank account has to be ABC Group Ltd -

So therefore a sole trader or partnership would create confusion if they used the word limited in their trading name as they ARE NOT a limited company,

So I am Sam Sexton T/A (trading as) Sam Sexton Tax Consultant as I am a sole trader and my bank account is set up in this way so I cannot be Sam Sexton Tax Consultant Ltd as I am NOT a limited company) If I was a limited company then I would have to set my bank account up as my limited company name - the exact word for word name.

So id I was Sam Sexton Limited - then both my company registered name AND bank account would have to identical.

Let me know if I can assist further



Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Hello and thank you Sam.

So if I run different websites with different trading names, can I have them all running under the one Ltd Company so if my company is ABC Group Limited, and my websites are domain names called and for example, can I trade for each website as:

ABC Group Limited T/A XYZ

ABC Group Limited T/A 123

So for each different website I run, as long as I have my Ltd Company name and registered office on the website, I can still use a different trading name under the one Ltd Co. and have all the accounts for each website as one business under the Ltd Co?

Thanks, Helen.


Thanks for your response

You are now asking a new question (initially you asked re bank accounts linked to the limited comapny - now you are asking re web sites and limited companies.

But as the answer is the same - I will on this occasion answer for you

No they all have to trade under the limited company name there is NO Trading as -

ABC Ltd is ABC Ltd - - so if you have 10 websites they all will operate under ABC Ltd



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