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Our daughter, who is self-employed, has moved to a different

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Our daughter, who is self-employed, has moved to a different area, and intends to change the accountant she has been with for many years, who is a partner in a big accountancy firm. She has found a small friendly local person whom she plans to ask to assist her in her rather complicated annual tax return. My (and her) question is whether the new accountant will ask her previous accountant to send him copies of her previous tax returns. She would prefer to start afresh with the new accountant. Similarly, does HMRC compare the tax returns of a self-assessed person year on year? This must sound very suspicious but in fact there is no intention to evade or avoid tax whatsoever, just a wish to simplify her financial matters by organising her affairs rather differently.

Hi, Sam here , one of the UK tax Experts here on Just Answer, thank you for your question and I shall reply shortly


Thanks for your patience

It is usual practice for the last years tax return to be asked for - either from the client or the last accountant as its imperative there is a seamless transition for the accounts year and previous claims - especially if capital allowances have been claimed (for business equipment and vehicles) to make sure the correct carry forward figure is used.

An accountant only has one way to present the figures regardless-of what changes your daughter may choose to make to simplify her affairs

Plus out of courtesy your daughter could inform her old accountant of her change due to this move which again makes the change over smoother

This question does appear suspicious - as any new client I take on that requested this would lead me to question whether I should take them on, do they perhaps owe the old accountant money or have issues that could become mine a while down the line. I am sure it will not surprise you to know that we often are unpaid for work undertaken or asked to claim invalid items or even when we take a good client on have to make a change where an accountant has previously claimed things incorrectly and comprised the client - so applying for the last completed self assessment helps us to ensure we are claiming correct figures based on allowable amounts and the facts we have before us and the correct paperwork - and correct any small misdemeanors -

Let me know if I can assist further



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