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I am a British Citizen, living in Poland. I have my own

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I am a British Citizen, living in Poland. I have my own company in Poland, & for about 70 days of the year I travel to the UK for work. I own a house in the UK where I stay during my time there. My mum lives in this house all year round, & is currently paying the council tax. My question is should I be contributing towards the council tax (or even paying all of it), for the time that I'm in the country?

Hi, Sam here , one of the UK tax Experts here on Just Answer, thank you for your question and I shall reply shortly


Thanks for your patice

First things first council tax is based on the only rates and thus the rate able value of the property so whether you have 8 or one person living there it remains the same. There are however discounts available when just a single adult lived in the property or if they are all full time students (then no council tax due) but in a situation like this it will vary from council to council as to what they constitute will qualify as a discount being due

AS you own the property then council tax WILL be due but as to whether the full amount of whether your Mum can claim a 25% deduction as being the main and sole occupier for most of the year will be down to your council to decide. as when council tax is due - for example my son is at University so only visits during the holidays so I get a discount for being a single person (25% discount) As you do return frequently - its then a question of whether this class this as your main home of whether Poland is treated as such

I would be inclined to call the council and ask whether this is accurate - or whether their rulings have changed as I am sure your Mum would had asked at the time - but if to date you have been billed the whole year and there are no discounts applied, then it may be 25% discount is due - so worth a phone call just for that



Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thank you for the information. Could I just follow that up & qualify a few things please. My mum is getting a 25% reduction, but (because of her condition & circumstances) the council tax is being paid for her via council tax benefit. I haven't been included on the council tax bill since December 2012. We do want to get this straight & really haven't tried to deceive anyone in any way. If I need to repay them since December 2012 then I will. But I'm just wondering about which is the best way to do this. I obviously don;t want to get into any trouble, but at the same time I'm anxious that Ive paid what is due & everything is above board. Therefore, do you think that I should go to the council first, or seek further advice?


Then this complicates matters because if she should not be getting the council tax reduction then in essence her claim via the council could then mean that they would reduce the help they currently offer - so this could change where they will only consider half of the amount

So make the call - to establish whether the 25% discount still applies



Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thank you Sam. I'm in the UK next week. So first thing Monday, I'll give them a call, so that I have mum by my side as well.

That sounds like a plan - did you still require a phone call - ?



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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
If there's any more advice that you could impart, then I'd gladly pay for the call. If we/I owe the money, then of course I will pay. I just want to get everything as it should be. But I obviously want to do this in a way that won't get myself and/or my mum into any hot water. Based on the circumstances that I've told you about already, do you think that a phone call would be worth while?