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I damaged the front bumper of our 2005 Prius - 1 m.p.h impact

Customer Question

I damaged the front bumper of our 2005 Prius - 1 m.p.h impact and the other car (an old starlet) undamaged. No other damage as far as I am aware. I am told the bumper cannot be repaired and must be replaced at a cost of £700. Is that likely to be right?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Robert replied 5 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


Alot of the time costing can usually add up if there is painting and colour matching involved if the bumper is supplied unpainted which alot of the time they are,then of course where they source the bumper from there are a few aftermarket sellers of body panels where you would get these cheaper rather then direct from the dealer like this link :- then of course there is the removal of the bumper from the car and transfer of bumper lights/number plate to the replacement one and the replacement bumper re fitted inc labor costs.vat etc..1mph impact doesnt seem that much to cause a great deal of damage i would of assumed..The best course of action really is to phone around/visit reputable body shops in your area for the best quote rather than just take one quote from a single repair shop..One other option could be to look up mobile car bumper/scratch repair specialists sometimes they maybe able to repair minor cosmetic damage - once they view the damage of course - they maybe able to say for sure if its repairable or not."Chipsaway" i believe if you have one locally do a mobile service and bumper repairs etc etc - so it maybe worth trying them if you haven't already and maybe a lot cheaper.. i do hope this helps