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I have a Toytoa priuis 51 plate and have a red warning light

Customer Question

I have a Toytoa priuis 51 plate and have a red warning light on it, is a car with a exclamation mark running through the centre, the manual says Hybrid Battery, Battery SOC are uneven what does this mean please
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Robert replied 5 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


This usually means the the cars HV "high voltage battery" is showing as uneven - you may find that if once the fault codes are pulled you may see code p3006 - this does really have to involve proper diagnostic to determine wether the hv battery or one of the modules on the battery or the batteries ecu has failed or faulty. and usually this will only be toyota that can do this for you as they have the dedicated software to monitor this whislt the cars driven under load viewing the min and max on the tester to stress the battery to find out if the one or several modules are faulty,leaking or corroded.they can do whats termed as a stall test to monitor the the swing & differance in voltage..if the hv battery is at fault then this could prove expensive..but thats the only way forward on this im afraid.i do hope this helps.