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What could be causing a rattling noise on my toyota celica

Customer Question

What could be causing a rattling noise on my toyota celica
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.



Hopefully i can help..


Can you describe exactly where or from,when this rattle seems to occur?


Has anything been inspected,replaced so far upto now?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

there has been nothing done as yet it sounds like its coming from the rear of the car but when you look under neath it looks like the centre of the exhaust is loose and when u put your foot down sounds like theres a hole in the exhaust but i carnt see where

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

it sounds like its coming from the back of the car but if u look under the car it seems to be the centre section of the exhaust it sounds like theres a hole in the exhaust it gets louder as the revs go up

Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.

Hi..there sorry for the delay..


Certainly from what you describe the problem could well be with the exhaust system may have fractured and the two bits being loose as it is and the vibration from the engine could be causing that problem you may mean having to replace the section that corroded or broken..but the best thing you can do really is to if possible jack the car up place axle stands under neath and have a better inspection to ensure it is indeed and exhaust system failure or the hangers or supports havent come of or broken away causing the system to drop..also ensure the heat deflection shield above the system hasnt become dislodged..often these can rust at the fixing points and drop down coming into contact with the exhaust system and cause rattling..these can be done away with or supported back up againt the under floor of the car with larger washers bolts etc..but as you describe if you can see the exhaust system broken and its blowing out that break then you will be looking at new section of exahsut system to fix that..I do hope this helps