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I'm changing the oil and filter on my Toyota Corolla 1.4 diesel,

Customer Question

I'm changing the oil and filter on my Toyota Corolla 1.4 diesel, Terry. and even though I bought the filter removal tool, I found it near impossible to get a socket on to the tool and then when I did I couldn't get the rachet handle onto the tool, I eventually used a basic removal strap but it was torqued very tightly. I got the filter housing off eventually with a lot of effort. Now I've found that there are two rubber seals with the new filter, I put on the large one around the housing where it was when I took it off, but I cant see where the other small o ring (seal) goes. Can you help. Maybe its for another car, mine is a 'Terry'.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.


Hopefully i can help..

Is this new filter you have below you got from your parts place?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes that looks like it ok. Whats that in the filter? The white plastic thing?

I've put in the new filter. I didnt get your information, reply and I was under pressure. I'm working on the car in less than ideal conditions, outside my house. I put in the small seal on the shaft inside the housing, as that was the only logical place that i could see where it might go.

Hopefully its ok in that position.

Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.

Hi..there sorry for the delay..

That white plastic section should come with a new filter or be on the old one.some might have it some dont...the smaller ring seal actually goes around the white plastic tube and then you insert that in the filter end..the larger ring seal is correct as long as you have rolled the seal..if your filter didnt have that plastic tube on the old filter and you just pulled the old filter cartridge out the filter cap you removed..then that small seal isnt just removed the filter cartridge from the oil filter black cap and replace with the new filter cartridge..make sure the large ring seal is properly seated around the cap..then screw in by hand first and tighten last with the filter removal cap,so the small seal inst needed...I do hope this helps..

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply. At last I am able to do a simple manoeuvre, To read your reply to my query. Thanks for that. I didnt have anything to go on, no instructions in the filter box, I know that there usually isnt. I got a plastic pipe like thing, which luckily I was told in the motor factor shop was to drain the oil from the filter, according to him by opening a nut, (which wasnt on the filter housing of my car) leading to more confusion. And when I saw your diagram in your reply, I was further conrfused. As I didnt get this in my kit.

What I am worried about now is the fact that I put the small seal on the permanent housing on the engine, the male part of the housing. I pushed it on this shaft, it wasnt fitting that tightly, I placed it on what I though was a groove for it. As I didnt have your instructions, and I was under pressure to get the car back on the road, plus the fact that I was working on the car on the ground, elevated with the jack and on concrete blocks, and it was getting dark. So what is the prognosis for doing this. Hopefully it wont block any of the oil circulating around the filter, etc.

I had to toss up for whether I put it on or left it out.


Yours sincerely,


Car seems to be ok at the moment, am checking the dash every so ofter for any signs of a problem.

Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.

Hi..Dermot..thanks for your reply..

Yep no oil filters dont come with instructions im afraid..its really based on what you take off from the car you put back on,carefully check for seals on the old unit..but you will always get the large ring seals for the cap with oil filter housings that use the cartridge filter.. Your motors factors are regards ***** ***** filter housings having that drain plug on it before you remove the complete cap itself..but on your engine its doesnt have that which you saw yourself and have seen myself too.but i know they arent on the 1.4d4d engine you have in that car.....On yours you just undo the cap / pull the cartridge filter out the cap / clean the threads up / remove old ring seal on cap / replace ring seal ensure its lined/seated properly and not rolled / place new filter cartridge in to the cap / smear some old oil on the ring seal / insert the cap/filter and screw in by hand to ensure it catches the threads / lastly tightening up till it bottom out,caps tight / never over tighten or you could crack the cap as it only plastic .......... As far as that small seals be honest i never done it myself to say wether just to leave it..I know exactly what you've done with that seal inside/centre of the actual housing...If i knew mech that done that in my garage..I would probably get them to remove the filter again before releasing the car and just remove the seal and put the filter/cap back on. 5-10min job.messy as it will be/or be it just the same as you had when you got the old one off,just make sure your drain tray is directly under the filter housing..I would say that would be the better advice to be honest in my professional view...But at the same time i couldnt see it causing any long term the oil flows in from the engine around the sides of the filter and the engine sucks the oil back through the filter in to the centre of the filter and back into the engine via that central port you saw and put your smaller seal around.. Its entirely your choice whether you want to get that seal out..if it where me id just remove it for pieace of mind..I do hope this helps further

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Robert,

Many thanks for your helpful advice. I'll consider what you said.

If I require advice again sometime, I'll feel more confident that I will get good advice.How does the system work? Am I joined the Justanswer site? I dont fully understand how it works.

The payment that I made, does that cover you for a period of time or what?



Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.


Thats no problem..glad to help..But yes if you ever need to ask anything in future then just ask anytime...Please dont forget to "rate" my answer above..much appreciated..

As as the site i only get paid when you rate one of the answers above any other money you added to your account will stay there until you use it to ask any new further questions in the car section or other sectiosn on the site...ive included a link below for you to read through in regards ***** ***** questions you asked about..or if any further clarification is needed then you can ask the customer service side of the site..via your account...