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I have a toyota avensis vvti 03 model i drove it with the red

Customer Question

I have a toyota avensis vvti 03 model i drove it with the red oil ligh on .The car just stopped now i have been told it may need a new engine .It can not be driven now what have i done .Can you help me the car is a right off
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Robert replied 3 years ago.


Hopefully i can help..

Normally when the red oil light comes on means you have an low oil pressure problem/or low oil/ blocked pick up in the sump / failed oil pump - and this would obviously be noticable due to top end noise/engine rattle like an early warning with the oil light - could even be faulty oil pressure sender..only way to know is to perform a oil pressure test..provided the engine still runs of course..which i asume from what you it doesnt - in that case they need to check compression on all 4 cylinders..if compressions down due to cylinder wall or piston ring wear,then the engine wont start..then theres no doubt been wear internally due to the lack of oil circulation which would usually mean another engine im that age you would have to weigh up the cost over fitting another engine/second hand or reconditioned over the value of the car..Its really a case of confirming the engine is indeed damaged and in need of replacement so you know which option to at cost or consider the option of looking around for something else..I do hope this helps..If you need to ask anything further then please continue before you rate