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folks, I have a '92 toyota liteace 2WD campervan with rear

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folks, I have a '92 toyota liteace 2WD campervan with rear leaf spring suspension. The handling is frightening on highways (feels like driving on ice) even at 50mph, especially with cross winds or when trucks are passing. The tyres have been replaced and the alignment checked - but no improvement. I'm wondering if I can upgrade or stiffen the suspension/ even lower the van - and if this would stop the terrifying wobbles. Any thoughts/ recommendations would be very much appreciated.
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I would first take a good look at the shocks ,this is what it sounds like from what you have just said ,would also take a good look at the rear shackles and bushes, if the bushes and shackles are bad this will also cause this issue .
Check that the spring center pin is still in the center of the spring to axle fitting this just has to be slightly off so cause you an issue with this.

Center pin as shown on the diagram below .


Check the bushings and shocks ,if the shocks have over 25,000 miles then replace .



Please get back to me with the reply button and not the poor or bad service rating , so i can get back to you with further assistance with this issue or offer assistance with another expert .

Rgds Greg
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Greg, thank you time and your excellent response - I will indeed check the shocks, shackles and bushings - and centrepins. One last question which comes to mind: I realize the illustrations are stock - and not specific to the liteace - but they do show an antiroll bar between the springs at the back. My van doesn't have one - and I'm wondering if it would be possible to fit an antiroll bar to a leaf sprung liteace.

Mike .

A Sway bar ( antiroll bar) would make it a lot better ,don't have a diagram of your liteace ,you would have to check your local scrap yards and see if you can custom fit anything ..

Make sure that the rear shackels are the orignal and not home made extended shackels
as when too long will cause you issue .

Rgds Greg
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Greg, that's great, I'll check everything you've suggested. The only diagram I could find rear end/ leaf springs was in the 'rear axle and suspension' pdf here:

and (just as my liteace) there's no sway bar indicated - so yes, I'll look into getting a custom bar fitted.

Finally just to say many thanks advice - you've been a great help. Best Regards,


Mike .

Makes me happy to hear this, and hope all goes well .

Have a great weekend .

Rgds Greg.

PS don't forget to rate so i get credited .Wink
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