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Category: Toyota
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trouble startin an auris and blowing smoke whilst starting

Customer Question

trouble startin an auris and blowing smoke whilst starting or during quick acceleration
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.


What engine does it have exactly and year?

Any missfiring during or when this fault occurs or even engine warning lights?

Any signs of fluid loss in regards ***** ***** etc?

What checks if anything has been inspected or tested so far?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It is a diesel 2L D4D. 2007. No engine warning lights, no problems with coolant. Once it is started and driven it usually starts no bother. Just a problem if it is lying over night etc.

Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.

..there sorry delay..

Ok..givin what you have described..the best place to start here ideally id say would be the glowplugs/glowplug system on the car..givin that the problems only occurs when left overnight..may suggest a fault with or one of the the glowplugs at start up creating the certainly have that checked out..Another possible white/grey is in-complete fuel burn.leaky injector overnight will give off this smoke..a leak down test on the injectors would likely show that up...