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matt I have a corolla verso (2005 2.0 diesel) the trc and

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Hi matt I have a corolla verso (2005 2.0 diesel) the trc and vsc lights are on. my local garge has checked the error codes twice. After cjecking the codes clear but return a few days later. the code recorded yesterday was C1201 and the garge mentioned heater plugs as well. The garge don't seem to know exactly what the problem is. Any ides. Thanks david

The first time the error appeared (mid April) the codes were c1201 ecu, c0371 yaw rate sensor and p0380 glow plugs.

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Hi David

When the codes where cleared the only code to come back was the C2101 ??

The C0371 yaw rate sensor need resetting or replacing ,this will set off the C2101 code so fixing this will delete two codes .

The P0380 glow plug code ,the glow plugs need checking or the circuit to the glow plugs have a short in the wiring harness.

These codes will automatically trip the TRC and VSC light ..when the other codes are
fixed and cleared these light will go out .

So the Shop needs to check the glow plug system, and reset or replace the yaw rate sensor ..

If they still have issue then i suggest you try another repair shop or dealer as this is not such a big issue .

Please get back to me with the reply button and not the poor or bad service rating , so i can get back to you with further assistance with this issue or offer assistance with another expert .
Rgds Greg
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Greg

Thank you for your reply - I think you have explained things clearly and identified what I need to do.

These are the codes and descriptions given to me by my garage:

17 March:

c0371 yaw rate sensor signal fault

c1201 engine control unit

p0380 glow plugs/heater a malfunction

The garage cleared these and said I should wait and see if any of the warning lights came back on.

After about 3 weeks the lights came on again (the TRC and VSC together with the engine symbol). I took the car back to the garage on 14 April and the only code was c1201 engine control unit, but the garage wrote "plus glow plugs" on the invoice.

They cleared the faults but the warning lights came on again the next day.

A few weeks before the faults first appeared I had a puncture and the tyre shop had to knock the rust of the rear brake disc with a hammer - could this have caused any of the problems?