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Engine malfunction light on also vsc and trc lights on hel

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engine malfunction light on also vsc and trc lights on help
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Hi .

Not such a big issue ,when your check engine light comes on this will automatically
light up the vsc and TRC lights on.

Hi .

When the check engine light comes ON when the engine is running then this is an indication to the driver that the fuel injection (emission) system has a malfunction and has stored a malfunction code in the management system (ECM)..

The vsc and trc lights on may also automatically

Now if the check engine light is not flashing then you are still okay to drive your car until you have time to make an appointment at your local repair shop or dealership.

What they will do is connect a scan tool to the system and check for malfunction codes ..

From the found malfunction codes the technician will then know what has malfunctioned and give you advice and what action should be taken to repair this issue ..

When the repairs have been completed the codes will be deleted and a test drive done covering all drive cycles to make sure the check engine light does not come back on ,if repairs are good the light will stay out ,if comes back on then further diagnosis must be done ..

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Kind regards Greg
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