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I have anToyota Avensis 18 T3-S petrol 53 plate.It consumes

Customer Question

I have anToyota Avensis 18 T3-S petrol 53 plate.It consumes a lot of oil.I do about 500miles a week but takes almost 2liter of oil per week.the exhaust is not smoking or leaking oil.Where does all the oil go and my money?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.


Im afraid thats was and is a well known problem on these 1.8 engines aswell as the 1.6, and Toyota know about this problem..its very well documented and been a well known fualt for quite a number years on these earlier 1.6/1.8 engines...Toyota as a result had extended warranties to try and eradicate that problem..on cars with FDSH "full dealership service history" firstly by performing a oil consumption test once that it had been agreed that the oil comsumption was excessive..they replaced the whole bottom end..included new cylinder block/pistons/rings/oil pump etc... The main reasons for the problem was Insufficient oil capacity on pre-05 engines resulting in oil remaining very hot thus reducing the cooling affect therefore allowed the oil ways to sludge up. Once that started the oil would eventually start to burn and harden around the rings this started to wear away at the bores eventually misshaping them.resulting in the excessive oil consumption problem...That being said above.if you want to fix this problem then basically as above is bottom end/short block..Being on a 2003 plate i cant imagine it being a viable option to go down that route in my opinion..Hope this helps