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Hi,i had a traffic accident in 1998. I received 4 penalty points

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Hi,i had a traffic accident in 1998. I received 4 penalty points and a fine,can't remember how much it was, the points were put on my licence but the fine was never paid. Will the fine have interest added to it also how do i pay it i've been living in Ireland for last 15 years and would like to get my licence upgraded before i move back to the UK.Also will i have any trouble changing my old paper licence to the new photo licence due to me failing to pay fine. Hope you can help me.
Kind Regards, M.
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The fine will not have added interest but if it has been sent for enforcement e.g. bailiifs, then there may be additional charges to pay.

You can pay the fine using this link below:

If you cannot find the account number you will need to contact the court:

If you do not have that information you can contact the Central Fines Collection Unit on 0300(###) ###-#### They will make a search on their database and give you some more information.

There is always the possibility that because so much time has passed that the details are no longer on the system and you may not have to pay anything. But the chances of that happening and very rare indeed.

Non-payment of the fine will not stop you applying for a licence.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi, will i still be able to get points cleared from licence without the fine been paid first.I'm afraid to send licence to the DVLA in case they keep it.

Also could there be a warrant for my arrest for non payment it was about £120 fine.Thank you for a brilliant service.


The points will come off the licence after 4-years.

As 16-years have passed this will not be a problem. DVLA cannot hold your licence because of a non-payment of a fine.

A court can issue a warrant for a defaulters non-payment and send that person to prison. But this is always a last resort.

You need to find out if the fine is still oustanding. If you call the collections team they will be able to tell you.

Even if a warrant is issued paying the fine and associated costs will result in the warrant being cancelled. All they're interested in is collecting the money.